What's Holding Us Back?


What’s holding us back from doing all we can to share the gospel? It’s not that we don’t love Jesus. It’s not that we don’t care. So what is it? Why are we holding back?

We often put too much pressure on ourselves. We see our broken and hurt world in desperate need for Christ. Our loving hearts desire to share the gospel to everyone! But staring at the large task of reaching to the ends of earth can be crippling. There are various reasons we believe we are insufficient to make that kind of a difference in the world. We can’t do it on our own. We not only need Christ, but each other. We can reach one person at a time. If we do our part, God will multiply it. I can’t reach everyone, but I can reach people others cannot reach. You can reach people that others can’t reach. God places us in particular locations, jobs, restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations at the perfect time to cross paths with people who need Jesus.

We’ve felt that prompting in our souls, Jesus knocking on the door of our heart saying, “Now. That person, they need me. Go talk with them.” Sometimes He speaks so clearly and tells us exactly what to say. But what holds us back from stepping into that divine moment? What holds us back from allowing the Lord to work miraculously through us to feed His people? It is different for each person. For me, it’s timidity. As a naturally quiet person I have a hard time in general just going up to someone and saying something. I look in adoration to the extroverted Christians as they naturally speak to others and I asked God why He made me so quiet. He responded, “so there will be no doubt in your mind and to others that it is ME working through you. So that you have no choice but to rely on my strength to do what I’ve asked you to do. And to know, my darling, that I will work miracles through your life, no matter how small and insignificant you may feel.” My shy nature is what often holds me back, and for others it may be something completely different. We each have that one area where we feel insignificant and incapable of being able to share the gospel. But God will use the very thing holding you back to help others and share His Holy Name.

Even the small, seemingly insignificant things, can make an impact. I felt prompted to write a scripture on my whiteboard at work the other week. I work at a college and supervise over 20 student interns. My office is in the open, it’s the first thing people often see as they walk up the stairs to enter our facility. I wrote in a bright purple expo marker the scripture, Philippians 4:6-7, on my whiteboard, as a small act of faith. I wasn’t sure if I would be told to remove it and I wasn’t sure how my students, most of who are not Christians, would respond to it. One student, who recently lost his father, walked up to my desk and stared at the whiteboard. He stood there a few moments, I could tell he was reading it, so I silently waited for his response. He nodded his head, and said, “now that is a good one,” smiled and turned to walk to his desk. God may have made me a quiet person, but He can still use me in other ways that may not require speaking, such as being bold in my written words or my actions.

You may have something in your life, similar to me, that you feel is holding you back from sharing the gospel. Please know, God will use you, despite any perceived shortcomings. The Lord created every bit of you and wants to use all of you; all of your experiences, thoughts, talents, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and imperfections to bring glory to Him and share His love with others. Remember to relax, submit yourself to the Lord, and He will guide you. Just do what you can, and God will bless it in such a way that you cannot even fathom.

Jesus is the miracle worker. Relax. Give a little and God will multiply it! Relax and know that no matter how little you can give, God will fill in the gaps. Where we are insufficient, the Lord shows His sufficiency. God will equip us to do anything that He calls us to do. And sometimes it’s simply to step outside of our boat and feed the people with our two fish and five loaves of bread, and watch the Lord turn it into something supernatural. Jesus will take any bit you give Him and bless it!

“Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, looked up toward Heaven, and blessed them.” - Mark 6:41 (NLT)

What holds us back sometimes is reliance on our own strength to accomplish what is before us. And we know we cannot do it, so the fear and insecurities freeze us in place. We may think the task is too great. We may be afraid of failing. We may be afraid they won’t listen to us. We may fill our schedules up so much we believe we don’t have the time. We may think our reputation isn’t good enough to share the gospel. We may believe the lie that we aren’t worthy enough to be a disciple for Christ. Or we may simply believe we don’t have the experience or knowledge to evangelize. But there is not a system to share Christ. We don’t have to follow certain protocols. We share Christ through what He has done in our lives. We share through our personal experiences and walk with the Lord. We share through simply sharing our lives.

“Sharing the good news of Jesus doesn’t start with a miracle, it starts with obedience and selfless generosity.” - Pastor Ryan Coon

We do all we can, no matter how large or small, so that all may know!

By: Alicia Shipley

Calvary Storytelling Team